Miss Show Girl 2016 Winner - Courtney-Lea Kettle

As an entrant in the Miss Cairns Showgirl quest I have found it to be is one of the most heart-warming, educational, and amazing experiences to happen to myself. Courtney-Lea_Kettle

There's no words that can truly some up an experience like this, however, if there were, it would be something similar to the sound one makes on a rollercoaster.

The Miss Showgirl quest is an opportunity that every young woman should certainly try. To be pushed out of your comfort zone is difficult at first but in this case it's definitely worth it! Not only did I meet some of the most kind hearted, hardworking and humble individuals but I got to be involved in something bigger that so many people treasure and enjoy.

Miss Showgirl is most certainly not something you can imagine in your head. It's a rollercoaster with so many amazing twists and turns that you can't help but hold onto the ride! All puns intended every moment has been filled with lots of opportunities to try something completely different and entirely special to the repetitive rhythm of life.

It's not a fashion contest by any means – although wearing beautiful dresses and showcasing the talented milliners of our region is certainly a perk - what it is, is young woman who love the place they come from and want to be involved in a timeless tradition of a country show. It is an opportunity to invest in the continuation of our beautiful Cairns Show and to improve how the public see the young woman in our community and their involvement in such a long running event.

Miss Showgirl is an opportunity to broaden your horizons, to be a role model to the young generations and to encourage all members of our community to continue to invest in the largest rural show in Australia.

Just like anything in life, you will be rewarded with what you put in. So why not? What's holding you back? Why not give it a go! I know I wouldn't change this experience for the world and I hope that you too will step out of your comfort zone and embrace change! Embrace uniqueness and embark on an adventure that could change your life as you know it!

Best wishes and all the luck,

Courtney-Lea Kettle

2016 Cairns Miss Showgirl

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