Sites Sold Maps

Please check back regularly for updated site sold maps.

Inside Sites

Fred Moule - Sites Sold

Fred Moule Pavilion

The Fred Moule Exhibition Centre boasts an unencumbered 2500m² of undercover floor space with 16 large air coolers. For the Annual Show there are 168 various sized sites of which the majority are 3m x 2.4m in size. The sites are fully boothed with fascia boards highlighting the business names. This is a fully secured venue.

Outside Sites

The Outside Sites are located around the Main Arena and can vary in size according to its position. Sites can be purchased linear frontage for as little as 1m; however there is a minimum charge.

Contact the Sites Sales Coordinator for further details.


Outside Area A and Figtree



Outside Areas B and E



Outside Areas C, D and G



Outside Areas F and Permanent Sites


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