Alyssa McNamara of Ravenshoe State High School was awarded the Newart Group Young Rural Ambassador for 2018 with the competition so strong that there was a tie for second between Austin Watkin of Malanda and Bradley Mather of Atherton.

“Being the Cairns Show Young Rural Ambassador has been a really amazing experience. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the other young people who are interested in the show movement, as well as learning from the older people in the industry. This role has given me the chance to attend a number of events which have helped me extend on my knowledge. This has been a very rewarding experience and I would recommend this position to any young person who has a passion for the agricultural shows. Youth involvement is a key aspect to ensuring that the show movement will continue being successful. The Young Rural Ambassador Competition is an excellent way to keep the younger generation involved.” Alyssa McNamara, winner 2018

The future of rural industries in Nth QLD is assured when we have representatives such as these with passion and enthusiasm. The Newart Group Rural Ambassador competition was held here at the Cairns Showgrounds. Steve O’Brien representing the Newart Group and Angela Toppin of the Business Liaison Association who sponsored this event were impressed by the dedication and calibre of these young rural representatives.

Young Rural Ambassador competition entrants were required to make a short video presentation addressing why they would like to be the Young Rural Ambassador – collectively these videos were viewed over 7,000 times. The entrants also undertook a formal interview and verbally addressed industry topics during the presentation function held Saturday afternoon at the Cairns Showgrounds. 

Steve O’Brien of the Newart Group, Runner-up Bradley Mather, winner Alyssa McNamara, Runner-up Austin Watkin, Angela Topin of Business Liaison Association and Ian Moller-Nielsen of the Cairns Show Association